2 Cents Worth

You have heard it said many times, "well for my 2 cents worth".  Here at First Christain Church your "2 Cents Worth" is very important to us.  So, we are going to provide you an opportunity to share your "2 Cents Worth".  Each member is asked to donate 2 Cents per meal per day and all the proceeds will go for charitable organizations and projects.

This is how it works:
2 cents per meal x 3 meals per day = 6 cents per day
42 cents per week  x 52 weeks = $21.90 per year
$21.90 per year  x 100 people = $2,190.00

Please look for the container in the foyer and share your 2 Cents Worth with us.

Schedule of designated projects:

2022 January/February   Kayla's Kindness Project (Total donated $120.88)

2022 March/April              Kid's and Cops (Total donated $)

2022 May/June                 Christmas Baskets (Total donated $)

2022 July/August              Prayer Blankets (Total donated $)

2022 Sept/Oct                   College Fellowship (Total donated $)

2022 Nov/Dec                   Blessing Boxes (Total donated $)

  August 2022  
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